15 Executed Following 'Roast' of Kim Jong Un

Posted by Geronimo Meyerson on

15 Executed Following 'Roast' of Kim Jong Un

North Korea isn’t known for its sense of humor, but the all knowing Kim Jong Un developed an interest in comedy stemming from the movie “The Interview”. After studying the artform, the brilliant one called on North Korea’s brightest comedians, all fifteen of them. They would be the stars of North Korea’s first ever roast! Their target? The irreproachable one himself.

Comedians were given a full thirty minutes to prepare, while a stage fit for a king was assembled. An announcement was made, and thousands of citizens were removed from their homes, and transported to the prestigious gathering. 

The live broadcast played on every channel, and the nervous comedians took to the stage. Life as a funny man in North Korea is one of poverty and shame, making the roast of Kim Jong Un the single greatest opportunity any of them would ever be lucky enough to receive. 

One by one, the fifteen comedians did their thing and made history. Kim Jong Un was spotted laughing at his own expense on multiple occasions, drawing cheers from the partisan crowd. 

Unfortunately, all fifteen performers broke North Korean political dissidence laws and were executed immediately following the broadcast.