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Are your parents divorced?
Good job, you killed the family.
That’s the first lie every divorced parent tells their kid.
“It wasn’t your fault.”
Yes it was.
But it’s convenient to lie to kids, because they’re idiots. Babies are even dumber.
That’s why 50% of marriages fail. Because 50% of marriages end with children.
Newlywed life is bliss; full of passionate sex, freedom, and possibility. Then the pregnancy occurs, and the countdown to the end of the family begins.
The child arrives and life is forever changed. Money, a once useful tool exchanged for cheap thrills and good times, becomes a scarce resource, plundered for relentlessly in exchange for survival of the child.
Freedom is gone, replaced by the endless chase of the paper dollar. Sex, and the drive for its acquisition, burned by flames of stress and greed.
That’s how marriages end. The couple still loves each other, and the kid,
but they hate their lives.
So don't blame your parents, it wasn't their fault. It was you, you ruined your family.