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The Weiner Cousin Code
The term ‘weiner cousin’ refers to any two men who have slept with the same woman. There is no female equivalent or version of the weiner cousin, as any two women who have slept with the same man are simply whores.
Weiner cousins are peers, men on a similar level. Judge yourself by this familial bond. Are your cousins decent men, or long lost causes? On average, as such are you.
Weiner cousin is an unbreakable bond, similar to an afflicted individual’s relationship with herpes.
Weiner cousins are of such esteemed value, their lack of acquisition is the only known setback to laying with a virgin woman.
There is a great and everlasting mystery to the journey of weiner cousins, as the scoundrel nature of women make it impossible to ascertain the actual number of weiner cousins in your tribe.
You could as well be related to some great man, or your next door neighbor, without ever knowing.
The woman is increasingly promiscuous, causing the populations of weiner cousin tribes to skyrocket. The sheer size of the weiner cousin population is larger now than at any other time in human history.
Men are of course innocent in this process, as women are equipped with an evolutionary advantage to control men via testicular mind control. Only gay men have demonstrated an immunity to this tactic.
The weiner cousin handshake is the same as a pinky promise, except using the more formal, appropriate, and masculine pointer finger.
Whoever your weiner cousins are, love and embrace them. For they are family, and should be treated as such.